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WHAT WE SELL (this is only a partial list)

Tropica Mango Rare & Exotic Fruit Nursery
is a "boutique style nursery" 
and though we strive to maintain a rich and diverse year round assortment,
some of the trees and varieties are very rare and
therefore not all are available year round.
For availability questions please clink on the link below 

Don't Live Local? 
No Problem!
We offer some of our trees in shippable sizes
Check out our online store, just click here

(Click on Tree Name for Care Guide)
MangoTrees Manila, Philippine, Atulfo, Glenn, Valencia Pride, Gold Nugget, Kent, Tommy Atkins, Haden, Timotayo, Carrie, Mallika, Keitt, Alphonso (Alphonse), Nam Doc Mai
Special order for more exotic mango trees such as Bombay, Okrung Tong, Baileys Marvel, Ice Cream, Jakarta, Cogshall, Southern Blush and others

Avocado Trees (Fuerte, Hass, Bacon, Zutano, Mexicola - Grande  - Stuart, Holiday, Pinkerton and others)

Papaya Trees Solo "Hawaiian",Mexican Maridol)

Banana Trees, 
Rare, Fruiting& Ornamental
Raja Puri, Brazilian, Mysore, Ice Cream, Grand Nain, Monkey Finger, Plantains, Williams, Gold Finger, Better Select,
Haa Haa, Dwarf Ornico, Dwarf Red, Lady FingerMusa 1780Mona Lisa, Cardaba (Too Many to List All) Varieties change often

Common and Exotic Citrus Tree
(Thai Kaiffr Lime, Key Lime, Blood Oranges, Navel, Cara Cara, Myers, Pink Lemonade,
Grapefruit, Buddhas Hand Citron, Kumquat, Limequat, Lisbon, Eureka, Mandarin, Tangerines, Tangelo, and MORE)

(Giant Timber Oldhamii, Budda Belly, Alphonse Karr, Phyllostachys Nigra and
others both running and clumping)

Guava Tree
(Ruby X, Mexican Cream, Beaumont, Tropic Pink, Red Mylaysian, Tropic White, Lemon, Strawberry, Hawaiian White,
Giant Asian, Giant Thailand, and so many others, )

Fig Trees (Brown Turkey, Kadota, Genoa, Tiger, Black Mission, Strawberry, Hurricane and others)

Passion Fruit Vines 
(Edulis, Fredrick, Maliformis, lilikoi)

Loquats (Big Jim, Champagne, Mc Beth, Golden Nugget)

Plumeria (Yellow, White, Pink, Rainbow)

White Sapote Trees 
(Suebelle, Leroy, others)

We Proudly carry

Garden Guy Products

Extreme Juice 32oz and 1 gallon, 
Extreme Insect Control
Extreme Weed Preventer for Lawns or Gravel
Extreme Lava Sand
Extreme Plant Food for Citrus, Queen Palms, Vegetable Gardens, Tomatoes, Roses

"Extreme Gardening",
Organic in the Hostile Desert 

"The Garden Guy": A Seasonal Guide to Organic Gardening in the Desert Southwest 

Plus We also carry or can get:

Apple Trees, (Desert Anna & Dorsett, Coctail)

Apricot Trees

Almond Trees (Garden Prince & All in One)

Angel Trumpet - Tree Datura

Asian Pear

All Spice (Pimenta officinalis)

Annonas (Sugar Apple, Soursop)

Atemoya (African Pride, Gaffner)

Berries (Tropical Blackberry)


Curry Leaf

Cup of Gold Vine (Solandra Maxima)

Coffee Trees (special order only, allow 2 months min.)

Chinese Jujube (Li & Lang)

Tropical Cheeries (Acerola - Barbados, Cherry of the Rio Grande,

Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya)

Elephant Ear (Colocasia)

Grape Vines (Ruby, Thompson, Red Flame, Perlette and wine grapes)

Ginger (Edible Chinese & Ornamental) 

Goji Berry

Ice Cream Bean

Jack Fruit

Kapok Tree (Floss Slik)

Kei Apple

Lychee Trees


Mulberries (Various Female Varieties) 

Nut Trees (Pecan, Macadamia, Pistachio, Almond) 

Olive Trees (Various Female Varieties) 

Plum Trees (Santa Rosa, Satsuma)

Peach Trees 


Pomegranate (Utah Sweet, Fleshman, Wonderful, Eversweet, Ambrosia, and
many others)

Quince (Pineapple, Orange)

Persimmon (Fuya, Giant, Hachiya, Chocolate, Izu)

Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant Tree)

Rose Apple

Star Apple

Star Fruit

Sugar Cane (Yellow, Red & Striped, Madame Peles Smoke)



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