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About Our Nursery

Tropica Mango Nursery Rare & Exotic Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery is a family owned nursery dealing primarily in hard to find tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees. We strive to maintain a rich year round assortment of high quality plants and trees not commonly offered in traditional valley nurseries. Nestled in the shadows of the Superstition Mountains we are an easy drive from anywhere in the valley, with easy freeway access off the loop 202 or US60, just click the hours and directions link on the upper left for directions. 

Tropical trees and foliage come in wide varieties of shapes and sizes and will enhance the beauty of any yard. Phoenix's sub-tropical climate with its long growing season and mild winters opens up a wide variety of plants that will not only grow here but with a little care thrive and produce for years to come.

Come let us show you how you can grow truly wonderful and exotic fruit producing trees right in your own home and start enjoying the rewards, and pleasure of having home grown fruits from around the world as close as your back yard. We would enjoy the opportunity to show you around our quaint one of kind nursery and in no time at all you too will be growing delicious bananas or mangoes in your own tropical paradise.




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